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The Ministry Wing shines as the spiritual heart...

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Church Life

Leading New Converts to Bible Believing Churches

The Church stands as a beacon of glory, a community where the love of Christ is lived and shared...

The Path to Spiritual Maturity

The path to restored glory is one of growth and grace. We labor to nurture every believer in their walk with Christ, equipping them with the Word, so they stand mature, reflecting the image of Christ, radiating His glory to the world around them.

Spiritual Growth

Equipping Ministers

Every soul touched by Christ carries a spark of divine glory. We strive to fan this spark into a flame, training and sending forth ministers who will reach others, extending the glory of the Kingdom of God, one soul, one community at a time.

Raising Ministers

The Horizon of Glory: Our Vision for the Kingdom

At The Restored Glory Foundation, the Ministry Wing is not just a mission; it is a vision of a world where the glory of every individual is restored through Christ. We invite you to join us in this inspiring journey, as we build the Kingdom of God together, restoring glory and changing lives, one soul at a time. Join us in prayer every Monday and Thurday at 10PM

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